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An Economical, Convenient Phone Menu System Designed Just For Clubs

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  • Ensure calls are answered by the right person – every time.
  • Never change your phone number again.
  • Keep private phone numbers – private
  • Reduce calls – provide answers to common enquiries by recorded message.
The Challenge

Many clubs experience the same challenges – phones in unattended club rooms go unanswered, committee members must answer the same questions over and over, committee members have to publish their personal mobile phones on web sites and social media, updating websites, social media and other material becomes tedious, and members call at all times of the day and night – sound familiar?

There is a solution – DirectACall – for about the cost of a landline phone*.

DirectACall provide you with

  • a phone number that never changes – easier for callers to remember
  • a menu that is tailored to your requirements – as many or as few options as you require
  • recorded messages for common enquiries – reduce the number of calls than need to be answered by your committee
  • different open and closed times for each menu option – no more interruptions at work or late at night

…and callers no longer need to know your committee members’ personal mobile phone numbers.

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Here is how DirectACall can help with common problems experienced by clubs.
Most of the time there is nobody at the club to answer the phones.DirectACall is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week if required and will transfer calls to any landline or mobile phone in Australia. There is no need to be in the club rooms to answer the phone.
Advertising private phone numbers is a privacy risk.Only advertise the club phone number – callers no longer need to know private phone numbers.
Callers do not know who they need to speak to, often needing to call multiple people.Callers are guided to the most appropriate person to answer their enquiry first time – significantly improved customer experience.
Committee members receive calls at inconvenient timesHours of operation can be set on the entire menu, or on each menu option. The hours can be different for each day.
An automated menu system is too expensive.The cost is like a single landline phone*
We must advertise too many phone numbers for different functions (membership, sponsorship, hall hire, match information etc.).Advertise one phone number and the DirectACall options will direct the call to the appropriate place or play a recorded message.
It is time-consuming to change phone numbers when office bearers change.Your main, advertised phone number does not change. Changes to DirectACall option destinations are done in the background and callers never see them.
When office bearers move on, they continue to get calls to their personal phones.Personal phone numbers do not need to be advertised, so calls cease as soon as the office bearer changes. The change is transparent to callers – they continue to use the same main number.
Carrying a personal mobile phone and a club mobile phone is inconvenient.You only need to carry one phone and the caller doesn’t ever need to know your personal number.
Answering repetitive calls is time consuming.Use recorded messages to provide information to callers and reduce repetitive calls to committee members. Let DirectACall answer the questions!

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Click here to see how easy it is to get started!

Try our DirectACall demonstration system for yourself – call 07 3063 4555 obligation-free.

* Plus call costs